Food Product Label

Shree Multi Sticks & Labels Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Food Product Label in Jaipur. Shree Multi Sticks & Labels Pvt. Ltd. Manufacture Cost Effective Food Product Label, and ensures low cost of production, and output of high quality.

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Never before have food labels played such an important role. Today's consumer spends considerable time comparison—shopping before making the decision to buy. They demand to know more about your product so they can make the right choice. Plus industry and governmental regulations require nutritional and ingredient information to be completely legible on all products. All of which places a lot of responsibility on food labels. Beyond getting the third degree at the supermarket, customized food labels undergo abuse in the home such as freezing, moisture and heat. If your food product label can't take the heat—your brand may not make it back to the kitchen.

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