Package or Shipping Label Manufacturers and suppliers in India

Enriched by advanced technology and tools, we at Shree multi sticks and labels Pvt. ltd. are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Shipping label in India.

Shipping labels play an important role in e-commerce industry. Due to these labels, it becomes easy to deliver the parcel at destination address. It also saves your time and reduces transportation costs. Shipping label is also known as package label.

Why shipping labels are necessary?

Shipping labels are used to describe and specify what’s inside a packaging boxes and help others to identify. On the basis of carrier, box sizes and dimensions, our shipping labels are designed with different sizes, and styles. Such labels consist of addresses, names, tracking barcode, package weight, phone number and other essential information.

For international shipments, some specific contents and essential information is also included on shipping labels. The best shipping or package label manufacturer in India offers clear and easy accessible labels to many packaging industries that prevent being delivered at wrong address.

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